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Innovation & Efficiency

Increased Efficiency and Security

Constant investments in R & D allow us to offer the best solution, suitable for your needs.

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Full Range Equipment

Automotive Solutions to 360°

We can offer, to tire workshops and garages, a comprehensive range of products for their business.

Made in Italy

TAG by Dedra joins experience and quality of the Italian design to a competitive price.

State of Art

Thanks to a team of high professional engineers we can present you more and more innovative solutions.


Main purpose of the company is to propose itself as a reliable partner, able to offer qualified service to garages and tyre workshops.

Special products

Our strengths

The strength of our group

Being part of Giuliano Group enables us to take advantage of group synergies and maximize the contribution of skilled professionals.

Products quality

The experience of the last 40 years allows us to propose innovative and patented solutions based on our know-how.

Attention for the customer

Our customers are the center of all our projects. TAG creates value for its customers.

Accessible technology

Affordable High-tech solutions, so that garage and tyre specialists can work with the best technology!


Years at Your Service


Employee at R&D Department


Patents by Giuliano Group

Latest newsfrom TAG by Dedra


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