Automotive: the keywords of 2015

2016 is almost upon us, and it is time to review the performance of the automotive sector. 2015 was full of innovations and we can set, as trend topics: green, always-on, safe mobility, cyber tyre and automated driving.

Green - There was a general commitment, cross-sector, towards the use of renewable energy sources and eco-material. Electromobility was driven by major players, especially those of the "luxury" range, who plan to put on the road the first "green supercar" by 2020. The search for alternative materials for tyres, has added to the solutions with silica obtained from rice husks the one with guayule’s tyres. Uber and carpooling, on sustainable mobility side, have been consolidated in the USA. Always On - Always connected, also inside the car. Google and Apple have introduced the first operating system for cars: Android Auto CarPlay. The data transmission is bi-directional, with services that get data (such as traffic informations, weather, attractions around us) and services which send data and statistical analysis.

Safe Mobility - The security systems are beginning to be proactive even outside the field of luxury cars and as well, the car 2.0 through radar and intelligent navigation, will understand when you need to slow down or brake to avoid accidents and help the driver maintain the safety distance.

Cyber Tyre - Technological changes also affects the tyre, the only point of contact between the car and the road. The introduction of TPMS has shifted the focus from technological mixes, and carving carcass to the tyre's capacity to transmit to the car (and more generally to the operating central) pressure data, mileage etc..

Automated Driving – The driverless car is, itself, certainly the most fascinating challenge that awaits the automotive field in the next years. Giants of the automotive sector and not, presented their prototypes and concepts: from Ford to Mercedes by Google to Apple nobody wants to be excluded.