Guidelines to fuel saving

A correct life style matched to constant maintenance of your own car can make you save up to 15% fuel. This is what turned out from a survey made by Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Environment and Safeguard of Territory and by Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports. The Guidelines 2012 to fuel and CO2 emissions gives the best rules and suggestions to follow for a more economical and eco-friendly drive.
In short, these are some of the expedients to adopt:
  • Speed up gradually and put into higher gear as fast as possible;
  • Keep a moderate, uniform speed and avoid grinding stops or manoeuvres;
  • Turn motor off when possible;
  • Check tires pressure and condition;
  • Use only tires that are homologated and suitable for the vehicle;
  • Do not load the vehicle excessively;
  • Use electrical devices (heated rear window, wiper, heating fans, air conditioner....) only for the necessary time.