Green Automotive? A few steps forward!

Is it going to be possible, for the automotive sector, to become more and more oriented towards sustainable technologies, renewable and non-polluting materials? One of the areas in which R&D is taking major steps forward and new technologies appear day by day on the market, is becoming more "green".
The Renault-Nissan partnership has sold 100,000 electric cars since December 2010 (Nissan Leaf is the most popular model). In this way, 53 million liters of oil and 124 million kg of CO2 have been saved. USA (30%) guides the ranking of the countries most interested in this new market, followed by Japan (28%).
Even in the tire industry, something is moving and the green tires are not utopia. Continental is working hard to create tires entirely made ​​from renewable materials, and containing a small amount of fossil materials. The limit that prevents the immediate adoption of these tires is given by the decrease in performance (braking, rolling resistance) which would result from replacing all materials with "green" ones.
In short term, it is possible to reach a tire compound made by 20% (in terms of weight) of natural components (dandelion, silicic acid, etc.), while it will take another five years, according to Boris Mengell, head of Materials and Process Engineering at Continental, to see the first real "green" tires.