The future is green !

Electromobility is the most frequently recurring term in Frankfurt motor show. Major car manufacturers have gathered in Germany to introduce new products with an eye on environment.
In its booth, Toyota shows only hybrid models (16 new models will be available by 2015). Starting from Yaris Hybrid-R (gasoline engine coupled with two battery units) to the Lexus LF-NX crossover with Hydrid Drive technology. Zero Emissions Technology will be available by 2015.
Volkswagen, who plays home, and having reached extraordinary sales results during the 2013, presents Up and Golf electrical versions.
Electromobility is pursued also in the luxury segment, with Mercedes E-Class Bi-fuel gasoline and methane with a stated autonomy of 1300 km (6.3 liters per 100 km consumption for gasoline car), thanks to the Eco Start/stop system which contributes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
BMW offers i3 which is driven by an electric motor and powered by a lithium battery.
Range Rover finally presents a hybrid diesel / electric model, designed for high performance and low fuel consumption, but definitely not to a price.
As this trend involves different segments of car market, we expect the future to be more eco-friendly.