Emissions reductions? Not yet

The vote on CO2 emissions reduction from vehicles to 95g/km by 2020 postponed. The European Union, the current Presidency is held by Lithuania, has declared the impossibility to come to a decision within the same day and now there is the risk that the decision will be postponed for 6 months. Among the most sceptical countries is Germany, which considers that this goal is not concrete and move proposes that the 95g/km limit would only apply to 80% of the new vehicle fleet in 2020, with a 5% increase in each of the following years, reaching 100% in 2024. Italy's environment minister Andrea Orlando conversely speaks about “missed opportunity”. According to the ranking prepared by Jato Dynamics (the world's leading provider of automotive business intelligence, news and data) Fiat takes first place among the “virtuous” manufacturers (as in 2011) with average CO2 emissions 119.9 g/Km, followed by Peugeot and Renault.