The challenge of zero emissions

In a nearly future (maybe 10-15 years) cars will be silent and not pollute the environment. Why not today ?
Electric cars sold (source Unrae) in Italy in the first 10 months of 2013 represent only 0.04% (or 661 cars) of the total.
The crisis that hit the automotive market can't justify itself those numbers and the real reasons are to be found in the lack of incentives for the purchase, the difficulty in charging and finally the lack of autonomy. Car with a combustion engine has an average autonomy of 600km with gasoline, 900km with diesel while if the engine is electric autonomy it's less than 160km (Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe). In the world it is estimated to be available only 64000 charging points (10 million are planned by 2020).
Who should buy an electric car ? Those solutions are intended for those who are taking limited mileage and planned journeys (perhaps with a charging station on the way).
Who still want to reduce emissions but needs more autonomy should choose an hybrid car (the first was the Toyota Prius in 1997) where a combustion engine supplies the electric one when batteries are low.