Continental's Eco-Tyres

Continental continues on its path to the realization of eco-tyres with the new ContiLifeCycle's factory in Hannover- Stöcken.
The plant, designed and built in 18 months, is the first of its kind in the world and is the result of know-how in the design and manufacturing of tyres obtained with the implementation of production technologies derived from the production of new tyres and the improvement of existing technology in tyre retreading. The tyre when the tread is worn is sold to Continental by operators of fleets of trucks at about 10% of the value of the new. The company thanks to technologically advanced equipment for the process of hot retreading take the carcass at the initial stage and then proceed with the reconstruction of the tread.
The retreaded tyre has all the characteristics of the new ones but allows a saving of 50% energy, 80% of water and the amount of waste products is reduced by 80%.
Thanks to these numbers, Continental was awarded with the “European Transport Sustainability Prize” by the Huss publishing company. “We believe it's our obligation to propose sustainable solutions for the production and for the rebuilding of rubber tyres. Our technology allows us to reuse the rubber of used tyres to make new and reconstructed tyres”, says Andreas Esser, head of the International Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires.
The estimated annual capacity is 180,000 retreaded tyres.