Wheel Balancer TAG 3850

TAG 3850

Digital electronic wheel-balancer with microprocessor and adjustable TFT 19" colour touch-screen. Equipped with new concept wheel guard, pneumatic locking system, automatic measuring gauges, sonar detectors for wheel width and runout. Equipped with special programs for counterweight minimization; statistics of the used weights, reference of remainder at external surface, correct positioning of each balanced tyre on vehicle.

TAG 3850

Digital electronic wheel-balancer with microprocessor, 19" video screen, automatic measuring gauges and sonar detectors

The balancer is equipped with adjustable TFT 19" colour flat screen, new concept wheel guard, pneumatic locking system, automatic measuring gauges, sonal detectors for wheel width and runout. It is standard delivered with universal flange with quick locking cones with pneumatic locking system


  • Touch screen HD color video monitor 19" TFT;
  • Equipped with balancing programs for special wheels and for wheels with aluminium rims (ALU and ALU-S);
  • Automatic measuring of wheel distance and diameter;
  • Automatic measuring of wheel width by LA sonar device;
  • Minimization of the counterweight (OptiWeight system);
  • Used weights statistics;
  • TS (TyreSet) system for correct positioning of each balanced tyre on vehicle
  • Automatic weight positioning at the unbalance correction point;
  • Automatic start/stop functions;
  • Static and dynamic balancing operations;
  • OPTIMATCH function (optimization of the unbalance between rim and tyre);
  • Runout measuring sonar ROM device;
  • Automatic minization of the unbalance between runout of rim and tyre;
  • Self-diagnosis & Self-calibration;
  • FES function (Fast & Easy Split for hidden weight positioning behind the spokes of aluminium rims);
  • OWF (Opposite Weight) function, to facilitate manual application fo adhesive weights;
  • Automatic clip system for the application of adhesive weights;
  • Wheel clamp and measuring gauge at weight positioning point;
  • Pneumatic wheel locking;
  • NWN (No Wheel Needed) system for calibrating gauges without the need of sample wheels;
  • Equipped with quick locking universal flange and cones with pneumatic locking system;
  • Storage box for tools and accessories.


  • Sonar LRM device for automatic measuring of runout.

Max. wheel weight 75 kg
Max. wheel diameter 1100 mm
Rim diameter 10"-30" / 255-765 mm
Rim width 1.5"-20" / 40-510 mm
Power supply 230V - 1ph - 50/60 Hz
Cycle time 4.7s (5 3/4 "x 14") 15 Kg
Balancing speed < 100 rpm
Balancing precision ± 0.5g
Operating air pressure 8-10 bar (115-145 PSI)
Net weight 135 kg

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